Project 1: Management planning

Final Conference


The final conference of the Serbian - German cooperation project titled “Implementation of an innovative forest management planning considering economic, ecological (protection against flooding, ice breaks and forest fires) and social aspects in Serbia” was held on 18-19th of July in Royal Spa hotel in Banja Koviljaca.

At the end of the project an improved concept for Forest Management Planning and Monitoring is presented, as well as new elements for Forest Management Practice.

The German partners the federal Ministry BMEL/GFA were represented by Mr Krause Besan (GFA, as fund implementation agency for the Ministry of Agriculture (BMEL)).

10:00 - 10:30
Welcome notes
MAEPL: Mr Sasa Stamatovic; BMEL/GFA: Mr Krause-Besan; Srbijasume: Mr Predrag Aleksic; Vojvodinasume: Ms Marta Takac

10:30 - 10:50
Presentation of project background, objectives and activities
A.Weinreich & N. Petrovic (Project Management team)
Download presentation [PDF; 12,5 MB]

10:50 - 11:10
An innovative FMP and monitoring process: The FMP Manual and new elements in forest management planning& monitoring
Prof. M. Medarevic (Nat. backstopper) & Nenad Petrovic
Download presentation [PDF; 7,6 MB]

11:10 - 11:30
Management Guidelines - compiling knowledge and management strategies for planning and operations 
Prof. B. Stajic&Team
Download presentation [PDF; 11 MB]

12:00 - 12:20
Forest Site Mapping
Prof. O. Kosanin & Team
Zoran Galic

Download presentation [PDF; 7,4 MB]
Download presentation [PDF; 3,2 MB]

12:20 - 12:40
Erosion risk mapping and landslide cadaster
Prof. R. Ristic & Team
Download presentation [PDF; 6,6 MB]

12:40 - 13:00
Improved forest roads inventories and planning Prof. M. Danilovic & Team
Download presentation [PDF; 3,7 MB]

13:00 - 13:20
Improved access to cadaster and remote sensing data
Prof. D. Pantic & Team
Djordje Cvetkovic

Download presentation [PDF; 3,6 MB]
Download presentation [PDF; 13,4 MB]

13:20 - 13:40
Improvements in the FMP software - recommendations and implemented innovations
Prof. D. Pantic & Alexander Vasilijevic
Download presentation [PDF; 3,6 MB]

Forest Function mapping
Dr B. Sljukic, D. Borota
Download presentation [PDF; 7,9 MB]

Improved economic planning, analysis and controlling in FMP
Prof. Lj. Keca & team
Download presentation [PDF; 3,5 MB]

Improved Forest Management planning in practice Results of the pilot project in FMU 2505 East Boranja
Results of the pilot project in FMU 2706 Rađenovci Novi
Zarko Lucic
Boris Bezensek

Download presentation [PDF; 3,1 MB]
Download presentation [PDF; 2,3 MB]

16:00 - 16:20
Cost benefit analysis of the improved FMP process
A. Weinreich, N. Petrovic, S. Obradovic
Download presentation [PDF; 4,3 MB]

Outlook:  Improvements in Forest Management, management planning and monitoring as part of a longer term National Forest Program and Action Plan
S. Stamatovic
Download presentation [PDF; 5,2 MB]

Outlook: Recommendations for the implementation of the improved methodologies and new elements in forest management, planning and monitoring
A. Weinreich & N. Petrovic
Download presentation [PDF; 7,1 MB]


The local television from Banja Koviljaca has visited and made a report about the final conference and project.





Field trip in the pilot FMU 2505 East Boranja


Wednesday, July19th, 2017 - 09:00 - 15:00

Loznica forest estate

Research and demonstration plots – Chance for improved beech management
Dr. B. Stajic & Team
Management Guidelines in practice: Examples of Beech stands and planned management in the pilot FMU 2505 East Boranja
N. Petrovic & Z. Lucic & Loznica Forest Estate



Fig. Participants at the Final Conference



Fig. Field trip at the Final Conference

Training week for the Project Working Group


Final training week

Purpose of the "Training Week" was the capacity building for the implementation of forest management planning with the new method 

-Members of the Project Working Group received a training for the application of the new methodology, which they assisted in developing through their inputs.

-Training modules have taken place in the pilot Forest Management Units by the local Forest Management Planning Team. All steps and processes are described and presented in the forest by way of examples. The training was a combination of field trip and workshop. Thus, the Project Working Group got practical feedback from the field and a last impulse to complete the development of methods and guidelines.

-As a result, the Project Working Group as a multidisciplinary and cross-institutional expert group, is familiar with the overall process and in particular with the improved methods and tools.

Three important activities were covered here:

  • Design of the final draft of the Forest Management Planning Manual
  • Presentation and discussing of the improved Forest Management Planning process based on real world data of the pilot Forest Management Planning projects
  • Demonstration of the results of the „Amendment project“ – from the side of the expert teams of the Forest Faculty


Fig. Training week in Karakusa

[15.09.2016.] Developing the pilot FMP

  • Intensive field work in the pilot FMU between May 2016 and September on

Work Step 9: Stand description and stand level planning

Work Step 10: Forest Inventory

sajt                     sajt 2

Fig. Pilot FMU in East Boranja                                                                                   Fig. Pilot FMU in East Boranja

[22.08.2016.] Amendment Project of Uprava za sume

  •  Caused by budget-regulations no “Serbian” project budget could be arranged!
  •  In result: Call of the MAEP of the Republic of Serbia (Official gazette no. 53 dated 07.06.2016.)
  •  Two applications to the tender:
    •  Faculty of Forestry
    •  Institute of Lowland Forestry & Forest Institute Belgrade
  •  Decision for the Forest Faculty at 22.08.2016
  •  German BMEL: Approval of a budget enlargement at 29.07.2016


[22.05.2016.] Field trip to Germany

Field trip - Freiburg and Hessen

The goal of the field trip was to widen the technical knowledge of the participants in forest management and planning approaches applied in Germany and to discuss the possibility of transferring elements of them into Serbian contexts.

  • Cable Yarder
  • Beech Management and research trials
  • Flood-Plain Forests
  • Oak-Management
  • Forest Management Planning at Hessen-Forst


Fig. Field trip to Germany


Fig. Field trip to Germany


Fig. Field trip to Germany


Fig. Field trip to Germany

[10.05.2016.] Half-time Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee meeting was held in Karakusa.

Important topics were:

  • Decision of the Ministry MAEP to finance a Serbian project contribution
    (“Amendment project”)
  • The evaluation of the project status near to mid-term (40%)


Fig. Steering Committee Meeting


Fig. Steering Committee Meeting