Goal of the project

Goal of the project is improved forest management planning and monitoring methodology in Serbia. Project needs to contribute to the improvement of the economic and ecological stability of the forest ecosystems by introduction of new planning approach that is orientated towards the principles of close-to-nature forest management. To achieve these goals three fields of actions and results were formulated:

Field of action 1: Forest management planning improvement
Field of action 2: Promotion of experience exchange and cooperation between Serbia and Germany
Field of action 3: Preparation for the implementation on the national level

The Project should create prerequisites for the improvement of the forest ecosystems in Serbia through the implementation of the close-to-nature forest management. Ecological values of the forests need to be promoted and its economic value should be increased. Climate changes challenges (floods protection, ice breaks, droughts and forest fire) will be specifically considered, especially social aspects in the rural areas.

Methods & Activities

Based on the situation analysis and former practices in forest ecosystems planning and monitoring system, improvement elements will be established, and thereafter, tools and work steps for the detailed identification and realization of the potential improvements will be defined through close collaboration between international and domestic experts. Identified field for the improvement in the forest planning system will be analysed and discussed by Project Work Group. Based on the opportunity of improvement analysis for some of the aspects in the planning system, work group will make a proposal for improvement of the rule book and the manual for the practical use on the pilot area.


Project implementation, respectively new methodology testing is scheduled in the forest holdings which suffered tragical floods during the year of 2014. Tipical Beech forests are in focus in the low mountain region of the forest holding „Boranja“ Loznica, while tipical Oak forests and Poplar plantations are in focus in the valley of the big rivers, Danube and Sava in the pilot area within forest holding „Sremska Mitrovica“.

Project work group members from all the relevant institutions in the forestry sector will visit Germany because of exchange of the experience and earning new practical knowledge. Results from the pilot areas and educational travels will lead to further improvement of the planning and monitoring system in the forestry sector.



Continuation of the project leads to implementation of the analysis of private forest owners potential for associating for the sake of acomplishing common interests and common appearance in the proces of forest management planning in Serbia. Next step in the implementation of the project are the suggestions for the use of adopted recommendations on the entire Serbia territory. Advancements which are unable to be implemented during this project, will be nominated for the extension of the Serbian-German cooperation in shape of some new mutual projects.

At the end of the project, expert forestry conference on the national level is scheduled, for informing wider expert public about the results of the project.

Project activities plan

The following graph presents planned project activities, which are sorted in three Fields od activities.

planned project acivities

The consortium

The company election for the implementation of the project is defined based on public invitation of the competent Ministry of Germany. UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH in partnership with public company HessenForst is elected for the main implementer of the project. UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH is firm that is specialized in natural resources management with a focus on forestry and wooden industry. UNIQUE GmbH is founded in 1998. with a seat in Freiburg. Since its foundation it participated in a successful realization of the over 550 short term and long term projects in more than 60 countries of the world.

Public company HessenForst is founded in 2001. by Government of the province Hesen. The owner of the HesenForst company is the Hesen state. Beside the state, communal and private forests management, HesenForst company is active though its consultant firm „International Consultants“ since 2004. on international market.

UNIQUE  UNIQUE forestry and land use GmbH, Germany
 Hessenforst “HessenForst”, Germany

Operating partners

UNIQUE  Public company “Srbijašume”
VSume logo  Public company “Vojvodinašume"

Project holder

     bmel  German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
  Ministry for Agriculture and Enviromental Protection of Republic of Serbia

Project coordination

Axel Weinreich and
Nenad Petrović

Project office
Faculty of forestry
University of Belgrade
Kneza Višeslava 1, Belgrade

Duration of the project

01.07.2015 - 30.06.2017

Target groups

Target group of the project is entire forestry sector in Serbia. Project partners are divided in next four groups:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environment-Forest Directory
  • Public companies "Srbijašume" and "Vojvodinašume"
  • Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, Institute of Lowland Forestry Novi Sad, Institute of Forestry Belgrade
  • Private sector , especially major forest owners, like Churches